On the evening of Friday, March 20th and throughout the day on Saturday, March 21st, 25 people, mostly from KBC, gathered together to learn about Integrative Leadership through the NextLevel Leadership program.

The NextLevel Leadership program consists of four modules, and we covered Module 1 – Landmarks of Leadership.  This program would normally be taught over a two-day period, but in spite of the condensed time frame, the instructors, Cathie Ostapchuk and Lynn Smith kept us fully engaged.  No doubt, our attention and concentration were facilitated by the scrumptious snacks and lunch provided by Rev. Nancy Webb who invited Cathie and Lynn to come and present the leadership workshop.

Each participant received a manual.  In it was written the goal of “Integrated Leadership” which was, “to encourage and equip Christian men and women to develop the character, confidence and competence necessary to have a credible voice in the decision making processes within the church and society – in order to influence our world for God.”

Through “Integrated Leadership”, one is encouraged to find a leadership style that is a good fit in terms of one’s personality and gifts regarding the leadership situation presented.  The areas of character, confidence and competence were addressed both in theory and practical applications.  We learned about the need for Integrative Leadership and how it impacts those with whom we interact.  We explored the areas of values, passion, giftings and personal vision.  Practical methods were taught for use in the areas of strategic planning, teambuilding, dealing with change and included applications for developing mentoring relationships.

Cathie and Lynn were excellent communicators and if another opportunity comes up to attend one of their NextLevel Leadership modules, I encourage you to attend.  You’ll learn a lot about yourself and those around you during fun, interactive activities, in addition to acquiring effective leadership skills and tools.

Written by Kingsway Baptist Church