Looking for a unique way to celebrate?

Hoping to create an opportunity for change?

Wanting to make an impact on your friends and family?

Bring a customized NextLEVEL Leadership workshop to your home!

To celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday (strange combination/different story), my husband and I brought NextLEVEL Leadership to our home along with 20 friends and family.  We gathered on a Saturday for “It’s a Wonderful Life! Live it! Lead it! Love it!”  To plan for this special event, I identified some favorite sections of the NextLEVEL Leadership Modules, and the creative staff team designed a customized one day workshop just for us.  We sent the invitations, prepared the place and provided the food.  

 An early morning coffee, with fruit loaves and muffins welcomed the guests.   The NextLEVEL facilitators began our day with a couple of Life Balance exercises to help us recognize areas that drain our energy and consider our priorities in the wheel of life! 

 We enjoyed a rousing comparison of the Myers Briggs Personalities, contemplated life values, laughed and cried through Emotional IQ and Self-sabotaging beliefs, then dreamed of discovering the perfect combination of passion, skill and need to change the world. 

 From the Current Reality to Crucial Conversations to Team Building Cornerstones to Managing Change with a brief synopsis on the complexities of Communication in between, we circled the greatness of the NextLEVEL Leadership core teachings to plant seeds of love, light and life in the lives of each one present. 

 For lunch, we enjoyed a make your own Julienne salad with homemade bread and a snack of fruit and cake in the afternoon.

 Throughout the day we considered the Character of Being, the Competence of Doing, and the Confidence of Going. 

 Couples learned new things about each other, my girlfriends, finally, experienced a taste of NextLEVEL Leadership for themselves and everyone took away tools and ideas to become better leaders in their sphere of influence. To my big and humble surprise, my brothers, whom I hadn’t even thought of inviting to a NextLEVEL Leadership Module, LOVED IT!  And they still talk about it – who knew?

 We all appreciated the time together. 

 What a wonderful life and a wonderful way to celebrate! 

 Bring NextLEVEL to your life! 


You don’t have to be a church or organization to reap the benefits of a customized NextLEVEL workshop.  We can all find our voice and make a difference in the lives of those we love.