Christian. Woman. Leader.

A decade ago, there were communities for all of these groups separately—but not together. If a Christian woman wanted to develop her leadership abilities, there simply wasn’t an offering that integrated her faith.

Understanding how important this avenue was, we knew the gap had to be addressed.

NextLEVEL Leadership was launched in 2001 when women from five organizations, and later a sixth, partnered together to bring quality leadership development to women across Canada to build their leadership on three key components — character, confidence and competence.

Today, women are moving into leadership roles in ministry and the marketplace in unprecedented numbers. To support these women, we intend to provide growth, training and networking—both for Canadian women—and for women worldwide.

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Original Curriculum Development Team

Lynn Smith –  Author, Speaker, Past Dean of Students Tyndale College and Seminary
Ellen Duffield –  Director of the Leadership Studio at Muskoka Woods
Janis Ryder –   Executive Director, Human Resources at Trinity Western University, Previously Program Supervisor, City of Toronto Public Health Director, Executive Recruitment and Director, Employee Development CIBC, Previously Executive Director Prison Fellowship Canada
Sandy Reynolds -   Leadership On Purpose. Fifteen years experience in managing, coaching, developing and delivering interactive, learner-focused training.
Carol Babcock – VP Business Services at Ticoon Technology Inc; previously Leadership Management Canada Inc.
Carol Rock –  Co-Founder and Executive Director, Women and Rural Economic Development Partner, Rural Vision, CED Consulting Services, Consultant, Social and Enterprise Development Innovations , Executive Director, Perth County Training Committee
Dr. Donna Mann –  Author, online professor with Trinity, speaker, grief counselor
Bonnie Pioveson – Z-5 Company, Leadership Coaching & Consulting
Pat Webb – Advancement Professional, Institute for Christian Studies
Cathie Ostapchuk – founder of The ACTS Initiative.


Original Advisory Council

Phil Geldart –  Eagles Flight
John McAuley –  Muskoka Woods Sports Resort
Mark Dowds – freshresource
Alana Walker Carpenter –  CEO, Intriciti
Grace Soyao –  Principle, Grow for Social Change