Annual Report 2014

NextLEVEL Leadership Annual Ministry Report for 2014

Dear Ministry Partners,

Women are changing the leadership culture of our country!! 

Research shows that women are leaving traditional places of work in increasing numbers to create their own organizations where they can embrace a collaborative and transformational model of leadership. 

NextLEVEL Leadership began as a response to this trend.  In the past two years, we have seen a sudden increase (191%) in the number of women in Canada taking time out of their busy sched­ules to become more effective influencers in their world through our modules.  How­ever, numbers alone don’t tell the whole story.  The real story is about what happens in women’s lives and the radiating circles of impact as they find the courage to step into leadership.

These women are making a difference in remarkable ways: initiating new ministries, having a confident voice in decision making opportunities and chang­ing the culture within their sphere of influence whether that is home, church or workplace.  See exciting stories on our website/testimonials.

Our country needs the voice of Christian women added to that of men in or­der to bring about the changes that will benefit us all.

We are so grateful for your investment of time and money.

Your financial support makes it possible for NextLEVEL Leadership to con­tinue to offer high quality leadership development at affordable prices.

Your prayer support enables us to do more than we could ever hope to do on our own. Without the work of the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing that is of eternal value.

Please tear off the bookmark on the right as a handy reminder to pray.

Your partnership with us is so appreciated,

Jayne Taylor, NextLEVEL Leadership Board Chair

on behalf of the NextLEVEL Leadership Board and Team.

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