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A Leader’s Motto: When I shake off the negative, I find a way to build on it.

by Janet MacFadyen I have a friend who adopted twin newborns in 1980.  Almost a month after the baby girl and baby boy had settled into their new home, their birth mother decided to have the children with her.  It was a heartbreaking time for my friend and her husband. However, they u
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Choosing to Walk Together

The Mentored Life By Kaarina Hsieh At the heart of any ministry that seeks to reflect Jesus, regardless of how enthralling its outward appearance might be – there must be a commitment from its leadership to invest in the mentorship of at least a few in the everyday elements of life. J
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Too Busy? Read this – by Jill Malleck

Here is a tale of two leaders: Leo is finding it hard to get home in time to see his young kids before they get to bed. Caprice is thinking about cancelling her vacation this summer, as her project has hit a snag and there will be some political fallout to manage. Perhaps you, in your
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What holds you back from reaching your vision? – by Andrea Seale

We are all called, in our realms of leadership and in our lives to a vision. But often the pursuit and growth of that vision is not seen.  Why is that? I believe much can be attributed to one word, a thing that holds us captive – FEAR.  The definition of fear (the noun) is an un
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